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Most Anticipated Movies of 2015


2015 has been one of the largest year’s ever anticipated in film. Great movies or unasked for nostalgia? Who cares? Here
are my top 30 most anticipated films of 2015. Continue reading Most Anticipated Movies of 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron Images Released

avengers-age-ultron-logoA week before comic con and Marvel keeps building up the hype. Yes, today after showing a new female Thor off for the comics and possibly the films yesterday, they just released images from behind the scenes of the second Avengers film. As these images were released, Marvel comics also showed a teaser for a new comic to be released tonight on Colbert. Of course, all of this is ahead of the grand spectacular convention in San Diego which will encourage people to go to Marvel’s Panel this Saturday. However, since I will not be attending comic con, I will talk about each of the images down below…

The-Avengers-2-Age-of-Ultron-Photo-EW-Captain-America-Thor-612x370Captain America Winter Soldier was a huge success both critically and financially this image seems to combine both styles of a modern and old fashioned Cap. Although this is just an image of two characters standing around, they’re avengers on screen together. Thor looks similar but more beaten up in this image, probably in a gathering place to meet or recruit temporarily with other avengers.

The-Avengers-2-Age-of-Ultron-Photo-EW-Costumes-612x370A behind the scene costume image does not reveal any other new avengers costumes(expect that for comic con) but it is a humorous look at all the main old avengers and their new designs. Nick Fury’s costume is up here, but he is only slated for a cameo appearance at this point.

The-Avengers-2-Age-of-Ultron-Photo-EW-Hawkeye-612x370Hawkeye’s new costume is actually more of a successor to the comic books version without a cowl. I like this image as it shows him possibly get more screen and action time with the avengers. This may be a solo image but previous recorded images have shown him with the likes of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver.

The-Avengers-2-Age-of-Ultron-Photo-EW-Stark-Tower-612x370Located at most likely, the newly christened Avengers Tower, a meeting or gathering of the tired avengers. They(Iron Man, War Machine and Hawkeye) seem to be speaking about something dire while Cap and what looks like Hulk(Banner) and Thor are having a bit of fun. This image teases team ups of multiple avengers with Black Widow being the only original avenger not present.

The-Avengers-2-Age-of-Ultron-Photo-Scarlet-Witch-Quicksilver--612x370Another look at the infamous twins looks clear and true to the concept art Marvel showed in their TV special this year. The characters costumes fit the universe, but like all of Quicksilver’s costumes it is quirky, or like Kick Ass’. Scarlet Witch looks far better and more dark. They seem even from the photo to have a good dynamic.

The-Avengers-2-Age-of-Ultron-Photo-EW-Banner-Stark-612x370Deemed the science bros, Ruffalo and Downey Jr.(Banner and Stark) look afraid or in awe of something they’ve created. Also located in Avengers Tower. Nothing much here, but another team up image to give excitement.

The-Avengers-2-Age-of-Ultron-Photo-EW-Black-Widow-612x370Black Widow looking much like her Iron Man 2 self, she looks to be on reconnaissance or a new mission, also look at the new toys on her wrists. It looks like a more true adaptation of the comic costume much like Hawkeye’s suit.

The-Avengers-2-Age-of-Ultron-Photo-EW-BTS-Twins-612x370The only true BTS image with Whedon directing Scarlet Witch(Olsen) and Hawkeye(Renner) in a fight in a foreign country. This was also was seen in set vids earlier this year with Ultron. However I question how much they will use the twins since all we’ve seen of them is from this set.

These set photos give us a good look at the production of Age of Ultron and exciting and clear new looks at Avengers. Obviously comic con is coming up and Marvel will release more in time, but there is a possibility of a teaser being shown in comic con for a release with Guardians. There’s whispers it may be the after credits scene. Otherwise expect one in the latter part of the year meaning October to December. Avengers: Age of Ultron is set for May 1, 2015. Comment below on what you think of the  set photos as well as what Marvel will do at comic con.








Female Thor Announced?

thor_god_of_thunder_art_2_a_pthor-001_coverYesterday, The View and Marvel Entertainment announced a new title would be given on the View today. Such an odd pairing gave rise to female movies and TV rumors. That was quickly shot down when on The View it was revealed that the new comic book heroin is actually a female Thor. Which gives rise to more questions such as, Will Thor die in phase 3 to be replaced by this female Avenger? Most people think Thor can’t die because he’s a god but he can due to his separation from his hammer. From his films we learned he can bleed. However you must make this fan knowledge. The replacement portion could be like Shazam’s origin where an ordinary person becomes something more. On The View they announced her eventual replacement in the comics during a ten episode arc this October which still could mean Thor 3. Considering that don’t get ahead of yourself, although this is an interesting choice for a film it is unlikely to be announced until comic con or even after in 2015 or 2016. I was a little disappointed but who wouldn’t be excited for a different take on a old character. What do you think of the change? Who should play female Thor? Comment below.

Big Hero 6 Trailer Review

I posted an article about Big Hero 6 yesterday to introduce characters and images from the new film and coincidentally a trailer was released this morning. This film is not Eastern in ideas after all. It seems odd to create a balloon robot, but he steals the show much like Josh Gad in Frozen. This trailer’s animation is beautiful and feels like a real environment. Such animation is probably done by what looks like Pixar animators. The characters are immediately likable from the lines that they do have, but this introduces the plot quickly without giving the audience too much. Surprisingly, the screenwriters also make this movie funny. I have not found many Disney films funny with the exception of Tangled which has multiple music numbers that are unorthodox mocking their previous films. They try to hard with Frozen to directly mock their own movies, and Wreck it Ralph is not funny, but very very interesting. However, Big Hero 6, like I said yesterday, is not your average Disney film. I will expect this to be a big hit considering it’s released right before a holiday and has massive appeal for fans of the original anime, the film’s excellent trailer and for all those Disney fans out there. TRAILER: A Comment below on what you think of the trailer.

Marvel Announces Next Film on The View Tomorrow?

20131113230605!Marvels-logoOn Marvel Entertainment’s Twitter page today they dropped a tidbit of information to the public which reads “We’re announcing an all new thundering title tomorrow on ABC @TheView.” At 11 am et, 10 am p/c the next Marvel blockbuster will be announced. However this is odd. Although most people recognize this as synergizing Disney and Marvel, this is not a fit. The audience of The View is not interested in caped crusaders and superheroes. The View is not a show for superheroes, it’s gossip. This makes the project even harder to identify. Of course based on the accounts post most people are guessing Thor 3 because of the thundering keyword, but that won’t receive press. Just Thor? Plus it suggests a new character. Marvel has no plans for any female solo films or TV shows that are not already in development or ones that were already announced, but this post would suggest so. Ms. Marvel seems like the best possibility considering MCU chief Kevin Feige’s interest in the character, but he has expressed interest in exploring her in Phase 4 not for a Phase 3 film. This is out of left field considering all the rumored schedules being tossed around by many fan and Hollywood sites revolving around con announcements. Set intentionally before Comic Con my guess is this is supposed to steal the “thunder” from the rest of the news to come out of the con this year. Under the circumstances you should be getting pretty excited. Comment below on what you think the film will be and when it will be released I’m eager to know. Tune in tomorrow to ABC! Here’s most likely to least likely of Marvel movies TBA for tomorrow. (Doctor Strange will be announced at Comic Con not tomorrow, most likely)

captain_marvel___legacy_by_windriderx23-d4ux83v Thor-Everything-Top blackpanther download (1) doctor-strange-movie-the-five-actors-that-could-should-play-marvel-s-doctor-strange

How different is Disney’s Big Hero 6? Cast of Voices and Images Released

8dd185ba21dab49b60a5e8bace229c33318e3bbdFollowing the 2013 megahit Frozen is Big Hero 6. And Big Hero 6 is a risk. For one thing the concept is outlandish and eastern based. It’s source material is a Marvel anime which marks the first collaboration between Marvel and Disney in animated films. It is about a group of ragtag people/robots/creatures who basically become superheroes/crimefighters in San Fransokyo. Disney’s track record in the past few years has been exceptional with three hits in a row(Frozen, Wreck it Ralph and Tangled). So I have a feeling that they won’t mess up even with the odd source material. All of that aside, I keep gaining excitement for this new project. It looks fun and visually beautiful from what Disney has released. And they have released a lot. Which comes to my next news story of the casting and images. And from what it looks like, it feels like it’s getting and Incredibles-esque universe. I also love how each character has alter egos as well. Images follow:big-hero-6-hirobig-hero-6-baymax1big-hero-6-fredbig-hero-6-go-go-tomagobig-hero-6-wasabibig-hero-6-honey-lemonAs you can see by the designs, you have similar looks from other Disney universe characters. Most notably Honey Lemon as Rapunzel in Tangled. However I don’t see this being  a problem considering the film was critically adored. It’s cast includes Ryan Potter as Hiro, Scott Adsit as Baymax, Jaime Chung as Go Go Tomago, Damon Wayans Jr. as Wasabi and Genesis Rodriguez as Honey Lemon. Other voices involved include the talented Maya Rudolph, Alan Tudyk and James Cromwell. Character descriptions were given for each member of the team as well. Hiro is an inventor and leader of the team, Baymax is a medical robot, Fred is a creature in disguise, Go Go Tomago is an adrenaline junkie, Wasabi is a smart and skillful fighter and Honey Lemon is a smarter character involved on the team. Anyway the film is scheduled for a November 7, 2014 release, check it out and let me know what you think in the comments down below.

Marvel’s Phase 3 plans revealed at SD Comic Con 2014?

marvel-cinematic-universe-phase-3-copyPhase 3 is fast approaching as Marvel executives are scrambling to begin advertising the lesser known properties at this year’s San Diego Comic Con. Now this is pure speculation, but evidence would seem to back up my point. Ant-Man, and Cap 3 have already been confirmed for July 2015 and May 2016 respectively while two other films are scheduled for both 2016 and 2017. Doctor Strange will get 2016 cause casting has already been struck and it has been in the pipeline for a long time. Thor 3 has been scheduled for some time in Phase 3 which means May 2017 will not go to Avengers 3. Instead it will most likely be in 2019. More on that in a moment. According to sources close to the Avengers Age of Ultron production, they say at the end of Avengers, Hulk is shot somewhere into space for some reason, but this does not mean Planet Hulk. Ruffalo has recently stated his interest in exploring more Banner which there is none of in Planet Hulk. Now take it with a grain of salt, but if it is true it supports some more thoughts I have. Marvel has stated its work on two original films Black Panther and The Inhumans. Black panther would go to July 2017 because Marvel will not place Avengers 3 in anything other then May. Plus the Guardians of the Galaxy effect will lead an unorthodox movie, The Inhumans into Avengers 3 in July  2018. So where will Hulk go? If Guardians of the Galaxy is successful it will give time for the director,  producers and writers to formulate a story around Hulk joining their team after being found in space in around May 2018. Of course if it is a box office and critical failure(which hopefully won’t happen) there is a possibility for either a Planet Hulk or solo Hulk film right before Avengers 3 in May 2018. Avengers 3 will end in 2019 because of what happens in Avengers 2 when the Avengers are torn  apart by a death of an Avenger. This is all supported by the one sequel one original film a  year routine Marvel is getting into. Now many of these are confirmed, but based on what’s already been stated it seems very likely that this could be the schedule.

Phase 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Aug 2014

Avengers 2(Age of Ultron) May 2015

Phase 3

Ant-Man July 2015

Captain America 3 April/May 2016(Depends on Batman V. Superman release date)

Doctor Strange July 2016

Thor 3 May 2017

Black Panther July 2017

Guardians/ Hulk team-up or Hulk solo sequel May 2018

The Inhumans July/Aug 2018

Avengers 3 May 2019

Comment below for more Marvel and Comic Con news.