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Marvel Announces Next Film on The View Tomorrow?

20131113230605!Marvels-logoOn Marvel Entertainment’s Twitter page today they dropped a tidbit of information to the public which reads “We’re announcing an all new thundering title tomorrow on ABC @TheView.” At 11 am et, 10 am p/c the next Marvel blockbuster will be announced. However this is odd. Although most people recognize this as synergizing Disney and Marvel, this is not a fit. The audience of The View is not interested in caped crusaders and superheroes. The View is not a show for superheroes, it’s gossip. This makes the project even harder to identify. Of course based on the accounts post most people are guessing Thor 3 because of the thundering keyword, but that won’t receive press. Just Thor? Plus it suggests a new character. Marvel has no plans for any female solo films or TV shows that are not already in development or ones that were already announced, but this post would suggest so. Ms. Marvel seems like the best possibility considering MCU chief Kevin Feige’s interest in the character, but he has expressed interest in exploring her in Phase 4 not for a Phase 3 film. This is out of left field considering all the rumored schedules being tossed around by many fan and Hollywood sites revolving around con announcements. Set intentionally before Comic Con my guess is this is supposed to steal the “thunder” from the rest of the news to come out of the con this year. Under the circumstances you should be getting pretty excited. Comment below on what you think the film will be and when it will be released I’m eager to know. Tune in tomorrow to ABC! Here’s most likely to least likely of Marvel movies TBA for tomorrow. (Doctor Strange will be announced at Comic Con not tomorrow, most likely)

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