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Community signs with YahooScreen/Enlisted being looked at for YahooScreen

enlisted1MV5BMTQ2Njk2MzY2M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDkxODg3MDE@._V1_SY317_CR12,0,214,317_AL_Two cult comedies cancelled by rating ridden networks have finally found new homes. Community, one of my all time favorite comedies and Enlisted , a surprising newcomer, both have found a new platform. Move aside Netflix, YahooScreen a pretty much out of nowhere streaming service, only known for rebroadcasting SNL skits, has finally entered the playing field. This will deal a huge blow to television networks because Yahoo joins Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Crackle and YouTube as the maker of original content online. The death of TV is coming based on the rapidly increasing amount of content sites. But the real news is that these shows are back. With Yahoo uncancelling cult series it will put them on the map. This will also pave the way for more revivals and original content for the free streaming service. However this also may be unlikely considering Yahoo’s lack of recognition. Right now, Yahoo is in negotiations for the sophomore season of Enlisted,although it is said to be going very well. Under the circumstance that Yahoo does not receive Enlisted, it’s possible Hulu can pick it up due to having all the remaining episodes of Season 1 there. Comment below on what show you want to be revived. Mine personally is Terra Nova.

Doctor Who Series 8 Full Trailer Breakdown+Review

The new doctor looks FANTASTIC! The tone at first seemed scattered, but continuing in through the trailer it is focused and relatively darker. Steven Moffat, showrunner, promised it would be. Of course we get glances at the upcoming season which seems to have the most beautiful and expensive visuals of any season yet, including a rampaging Tyrannosaurus Rex through London. There is a problem between the Doctor and Clara, it is clearly visible through the way they communicate. She does not know if he is a good man. But she did know when Matt Smith was Doctor. However, these trust issues are only slightly hinted at in the end, but what this series won’t lack is action. Trailer: A It’s  quick, it’s fun,its’s dark and it’s just what Doctor Who needs. 

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What to Watch this Week of July 13, 2014

What-to-Watch-400x230Opening this week in theaters are Purge: Anarchy, Sex Tape and Boyhood in limited release. Plot details will follow.

Purge: Anarchy- The sequel to the underwhelming Purge film follows a group of stranded people inside the city during the Purge. Now from what I’ve been hearing the film is not better then its predecessor, neither is it needed. It’s being connected to Paranormal Activity and found footage films that are low budgeted moneymakers. So don’t go see it unless you are a fan of ultra violence with no meaning. R Rated 1 hr. 44 min.

Sex Tape- is an original comedy that follows hard competition with Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and hit R Rated comedies this year. Jason Segel and Cameron Diaz star as two people who have lost their flair in their marriage and sex life. So to spice it up they decide why not make a sex tape? Unfortunately their “tape” is accidentally sent through the internet cloud to IPads they give out at a party. Let the chaos ensue. Nothing has been released critically for the film, but I remember hearing it was okay compared to this year’s slate of comedies. R Rated 1 hr. 34 min.

Boyhood- This arthouse film from Richard Linklater was shot over 12 years and stars the same people all growing up and struggling through life. The film’s main protagonist is 5 when it begins and 18 when it ends. Although it touches on boyhood(childhood) in general, the film also talks about real issues and parenting. Critics have given this film a 100% on Rotten Tomatoes commenting on it’s epic scope and technical genius. It is truly a story about life. R Rated 2 hrs. and 45 min.

Many shows this week continue their runs including the Leftovers, Under the Dome, Pretty Little Liars, True Blood, Teen Wolf and the Bacholorette.

Comment below on what you think you will watch?