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Doctor Who Series 8 Full Trailer Breakdown+Review

The new doctor looks FANTASTIC! The tone at first seemed scattered, but continuing in through the trailer it is focused and relatively darker. Steven Moffat, showrunner, promised it would be. Of course we get glances at the upcoming season which seems to have the most beautiful and expensive visuals of any season yet, including a rampaging Tyrannosaurus Rex through London. There is a problem between the Doctor and Clara, it is clearly visible through the way they communicate. She does not know if he is a good man. But she did know when Matt Smith was Doctor. However, these trust issues are only slightly hinted at in the end, but what this series won’t lack is action. Trailer: A It’s  quick, it’s fun,its’s dark and it’s just what Doctor Who needs. 

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The Day of the Doctor Review(Spoilers will follow)

dadwratedTwo weeks ago Doctor Who celebrated it’s 50th anniversary special in style with the 75 minute simulcast, that broke records with over 90 countries viewing the event. To reign in the new site I am going to review this as my first real post for the website. Now to begin… the 50th anniversary was amazing. Head writer Steven Moffat may get a hard time but he surely knows how to write. After the journey, spanning the 50 years,33 seasons,11ish doctors,and two different series it finally comes to this.

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