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Community signs with YahooScreen/Enlisted being looked at for YahooScreen

enlisted1MV5BMTQ2Njk2MzY2M15BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDkxODg3MDE@._V1_SY317_CR12,0,214,317_AL_Two cult comedies cancelled by rating ridden networks have finally found new homes. Community, one of my all time favorite comedies and Enlisted , a surprising newcomer, both have found a new platform. Move aside Netflix, YahooScreen a pretty much out of nowhere streaming service, only known for rebroadcasting SNL skits, has finally entered the playing field. This will deal a huge blow to television networks because Yahoo joins Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, Crackle and YouTube as the maker of original content online. The death of TV is coming based on the rapidly increasing amount of content sites. But the real news is that these shows are back. With Yahoo uncancelling cult series it will put them on the map. This will also pave the way for more revivals and original content for the free streaming service. However this also may be unlikely considering Yahoo’s lack of recognition. Right now, Yahoo is in negotiations for the sophomore season of Enlisted,although it is said to be going very well. Under the circumstance that Yahoo does not receive Enlisted, it’s possible Hulu can pick it up due to having all the remaining episodes of Season 1 there. Comment below on what show you want to be revived. Mine personally is Terra Nova.

Weekly YouTube Channel Recommendation: Chris Stuckmann

YouTube_logo_standard_whiteimages (1)In this segment, I dissect a YouTube channel over one week of time, tell you the basics of one’s channel and why you should subscribe to them. However today’s has caught me many times before as an interesting candidate. I have now been subscribed to Chris Stuckmann, a YouTube movie critic, for about a year and a half. Every week he, an independent film critic, watches a film, takes it apart and rates it for the audience to see if it will be for them or not. Usually people would say, what’s so special about a movie critic? Nobody likes a critic, right? So what strikes me as an excellent selling point is his passion and connection with film in general. Stuckmann has an overwhelming love for the art of film. He sells himself short, but he is to me the next Roger Ebert. The best thing a YouTuber can do is connect with his or her audience and speak with them on a similar level. Chris Stuckmann can personally relate with the viewer in every review  he does by honestly rating a film unlike critics who sometimes are persuaded by useless box office scores and visual effects. Stuckmann focuses on story and technical aspects of any one film equally. A recent video this YouTuber made about film criticism and why it is ever changing is in depth and successfully entrances you for all of it’s 33 minutes of runtime. Another thing, this guy is funny. He is approachable on screen and gives an excellent presentation often making me laugh out loud during his reviews. He is watchable entertainment and informative on a range of topics. He is an actual likable movie critic. Currently Chris Stuckmann’s channel has 134 thousand subscribers. So go on then and get Stuckmann-ized!!! Here is a sample video(review):

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2013 Rewind and a new page

I have decided to start a new page based solely on the internet’s biggest and best video website YouTube. I will give weekly updates on channel’s you should watch and the best viral videos of the week. As the internet grows, YouTube becomes a greater resource and entertainment outlet and 2013 is the best year to do it. Above chronicles the year on the web with the year’s best channel’s and web personalities. I hope you enjoy!