Die Hardest Plot Details, Final Die Hard Brings Everything Full Circle

After  nearly 30 years of action fun, John McClane is about to hang up his coat after his service to the US government. In this time he has been shot at,  tortured, hanging off a jet and having glass stuck in his feet for a whole two hours or more. We commend this action hero for shaking up Hollywood and making the action films we know and love today. But now for the final installment more details have emerged.

In an interview with ScreenRant.com last month the active screenwriter told that the “story would come full circle after being invited back to the Nakatomi Corporation in Japan 30 years after the first Die Hard.” This is interesting since McClane has never encountered them since Die Hard 2. He dropped that “McClane would obviously be alone as he came in.” Despite the failure of A Good Day to Die Hard the final film will be rated R and McClane will die. I think it may be fitting to say his final Yippe Kayee in one more delightful hostage situation. The nostalgia alone will bring many to theaters if it is indeed the final Die Hard and we may finally bury a franchise. Die Hard 6 is a risk, but the last film grossed over 400 million worldwide, and even though it failed critically, fans were left mixed, but ready for the franchise to end. I am excited and the plot seems fitting so sign me up. Do you plan to see the Die Hard finale? Comment below.

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