The Wolf of Wall Street Review (Mild Spoilers)

large_utfEHZ9jG1emGdvJ4GgfMcHoznpThis film is one of the most exhilarating films in the past decade. That being said, is it too much for moviegoers? The answer is no.

The media needs to stop making good movies sound like shit. This movie is only excessive because it needs to be.  Drugs, sex, money, betrayal, and profanity are all main themes in the life of this man who started as “pond scum” and reaches the level of multimillionaire status then he falls all the way back to being worse then “pond scum”.  Sure near the end the three hour length and excessive nudity started to weigh in on the audience. Those are my only complaints. This film is absolutely amazing balancing comedy and drama to a T, great performances from the whole cast (even the underdeveloped female characters), and probably the most hilarious scenes I’ve seen from a film. DiCaprio deserves his first Oscar win for this one,  but this year will lose because there were better performances. Who knows? As a result of all the craziness that ensues you don’t view these actors as themselves, but you view them as their vividly directed characters. Hopefully it will at least get one award this season as I think it deserves at least Best Director and maybe Best Lead Actor,  but since 12 Years a Slave and Gravity are nominated it may be tough to beat them out.

Verdict: Although the film is blown out of proportion by the media, it still entertains, excites and is a must see classic for the ages. A

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