The Lego Movie (Major Spoiler!) Review!

download (3)Does it rank up to other animation masterpieces? Yes. Is it the best animated film of time? Very close.

I can’t remember the last time (other then Toy Story 3) that nostalgia, heart and comedy are balanced to make one of the best animated films ever. To start off, people must understand that this film is better with little information about the last two thirds of the film. Spoilerphobes beware! Back to the review, I also can’t begin to express my love for this film. It undeniably is entertaining and it’s animation is the most beautiful experience you will experience. It is emotionally powerful with a live action twist ending with the Lego’s being half real and half imagination. The comedy is pitch perfect and is most likely a movie meant for multiple viewings with 50 things going on in each frame of the film. There is so much to be admired about the directors and animators attention to detail and nostalgia for each Lego fan. It is an immediate hit and an instant Blu ray pre-order for people of all ages. Go into this movie with no expectations because it is better that way, and suspend your belief for an hour and 40 minutes.

Verdict: The film is entertaining and emotionally powerful to people of all ages surely making the film one of the best animated films since 2010’s Toy Story 3 hit onto screens. A+

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