Guardians of the Galaxy Trailer Review, and Risks

Can Marvel take the risk?

When Marvel first announced this movie back in 2012, I had never heard of this sort of team. It was space and ragtag and felt like an Expendable-Avengers crossover, but with lesser known people. I read up on some comics and origins of the team and found myself fixed on the character of Rocket Raccoon.  And last night they revealed on Jimmy Kimmel Live the first unleaked trailer for the film and it is absolutely fantastic. It is entertaining and one of the few comic book films not to take itself too seriously. It is a risk for Marvel, but anything with the brand will pull in viewers. If Marvel plays their cards right they can ignite stardom for a growing name in Chris Pratt and their Cinematic Universe to new heights with more unknown yet comedic characters forming a new genre. The trailer not only is it funny, it is action packed, and encompasses more then just earth for a change. This is now one of the films I am most looking forward to for 2014 with Godzilla tied for that top spot.  A+ Well Done Marvel!

Now the risks, bringing relatively unknown characters to the big screen is the largest risk since Iron Man back in 2009 and now if this pays off then we could be looking at a franchise. I think it will prevail but what do you guys think? Does it look good? Or do you wish it was something different? Comment below.


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