Most Anticipated Movies of 2015


2015 has been one of the largest year’s ever anticipated in film. Great movies or unasked for nostalgia? Who cares? Here
are my top 30 most anticipated films of 2015.

As 2015 really starts it’s movie season (January never counts) there are films specifically pertaining to each of the audience’s interest. Each of them is hyped beyond belief and we get excited for a chance to see them on the large silver screen. Here are my top 30 most anticipated 2015 films:

30.The Man from UNCLE- The movie based on the popular television series has a promising cast band interesting concept that could end up being a cult movie hit. Like another August film from 2014, Guardians of the Galaxy. It may not be as financially successful but this is an intriguing concept.


29. Poltergeist- A remake, yes, a necessary one, no. A week ago I would’ve said no completely to this new Poltergeist, but today there’s promo material. With a trailer dropped and this beautiful poster down below, it’s a possibility that the films revamped plot,effects  and set could hugely effect the movie’s outcome with critics and audiences alike. A good remake for a horror film? Is that even possible?


28. Pixels- Adam Sandler is producing and that’s bad. Recent films of his have become over the top childish, however this film serves up some opportunity. Not only is Chris Columbus attached, but the plot is kinda half-decent. A story about video characters coming to life and attacking the outside world is interesting, new territory. We need less fart jokes from Sandler, hopefully this could be his return to excellence.


27. London Has Fallen- A sequel to the B-movie that most everyone loved, comes an unnecessary but fun sequel. I dug the original and own the DVD version of the film, it’s unlikely Die Hard magic will strike twice but for now I’m hyped.


26. Joy- David O. Russell has a hit and a miss. For me American Hustle was fine, but not very good, however, Silver Linings Playbook is a golden picture of mental illness and romance. He is back with the same cast and maybe this can be another hit for Russell.


25. Aloha- Cameron Crowe does some of the best romantic comedies out there, not being too melodramatic or too romantic,but the right balance of both. A lot of comedy also goes along way. Also the cast is excellent.


24. Get Hard- What seems like a perfect comedic duo could be the surprise hit of the year, the trailer consistently delivers laughs and the more I see, the more I want to see Get Hard. Kevin Hart’s screen presence alone is enough to satisfy my needs.


23. Untitled Christmas Eve Project (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Seth Rogen, Anthony Mackie)- Nothing is known other then the basic plot, cast and crew. Going off that it’s a bound comedic classic waiting to happen.

download (5)

22. Ted 2- Another sequel to an original hit. The films plot could be good, but like David O. Russell, McFarlane has one hit and one miss. The trailer is alright, and even the script seems to have improved intellectually. Except for that sperm scene.


21. Terminator: Genisys- A better looking Terminator then Salvation, but not quite reaching the heights of the original 2, the fifth installment looks like a remake gone wrong. But then again train wrecks are hard to look away from.


20. Minions- A more intelligent looking comedy considering the film branches off on the most unintelligible characters in movie history. The story is well put together throughout the trailer and I don’t need to see anymore till the film is released, even this poster is enough.

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19. Fantastic Four- A return to a long dead franchise, Marvel will yet again go the serious route with Fantastic Four. Josh Trank of Chronicle fame is possibly the best choice for this film because of the age and modern view of the characters and worlds in the trailer.


18. Everest- An all star cast, backed by a great book/survival story can turn into a great film. However, the film comes out in September which shows the studio does not have confidence in it’s property.


17. Furious 7- Despite having seen 0 of the 6 installments, this movie alone has me excited to see a new world of action porn. The trailers look excellent, and the cinematography looks straight out of a video game. This plays into retro style racing in the best way possible.


16. Mad Max: Fury Road- A mixture of action,a score to set the backdrop, a post apocalyptic drama and an unseen tragedy, Mad Max: Fury Road seems promising to please fans of the original trilogy and newcomers to the Western franchise.


15. Tomorrowland- Interesting, fascinating,and I still don’t know what it’s about. The only reason it isn’t higher is because Disney has failed to produce one really good live action movie ever. This could change that.


14. The Good Dinosaur- Pixar’s return to the screen in 2015 is packed, dinosaurs are an excellent centerpiece and could be a reinvention of the animated film. But it was moved back for a reason, we’ll find out what that means soon enough.


13. Peanuts- A love story to the 1960’s cartoon, Peanuts is going to please all generations of moviegoers no matter what. I don’t care what skeptics say  because there is no doubt that this will be damn good based on it’s already complete trailer and wonderful 2D/3D animation.


12. The Revenant- Original, revenge, and survival movie turned Oscar hopeful pretty much sums up this film. The Birdman director serves up a dish best served cold with an excellent supporting and starring cast possibly showing off a more gritty/artistic survival tale.


11. Triple Nine- BANK HEIST, ENSEMBLE CAST, sound familiar, it looks like a younger and sleeker version of the Ocean’s franchise. Hopefully it can live up to it’s hype.


10. The Martian- Another Ridley Scott film could go wither way with an interesting plot and cast. It sounds original and any sci fy in my book is a must see.


9. Inside Out- Pixar’s possible better return with a story made up of human emotions what could go wrong. A voice cast worth recognizing and humor unseen in any Pixar movie, Inside Out could shape up to be a new Toy Story.


8. Ant-Man- Marvel hasn’t disappointed me yet. I love this superhero with all my being. When I was growing up, the character surprised me as Marvel’s version of Aquaman. Meaning he was considered lame before showing his true colors. However, the director concerns me for this project. I’m still hesitant.


7. St. James Place- Finally. Three years without Spielberg and we finally have a potential excellent project about the Cold War. It stars Tom Hanks! What a perfect combination!


6. The Hunger Games Mockingjay Part 2- A finale worth seeing, if you enjoyed the second and third installments this will be perfect for you. IT will show off more dramatic chops as well as action that fans hoped to see in Mockingjay Part 1.


5. Mission: Impossible 5- A follow-up to the best of the franchise Ghost Protocol, the franchise gets better as it ages,with Cruise, Renner and Pegg back on board chemistry is sure to click with a hopeful for best action film of 2015.


4. Spectre (James Bond)- Another Bond. After Skyfall expectations are high and are centralized about the new cast and mysterious story after being kept under wraps by Sony. Sorry Daniel Craig, but this could be your last Bond.


3. Jurassic World- A most nostalgic film covered in references and peeks at the new world, the park is truly open with dinosaurs running amok yet again. And that part is my favorite, ever since I played Zoo Tycoon and watched the original Jurassic Park I wanted this plot of many people being terrorized at the park instead of the 10 we usually get.


2. Avengers: Age of Ultron- Marvel dominates again with a sequel to it’s best film. The one that began this comic book insanity and universe sharing worlds. It has all of the favorite MCU characters and will culminate with something new that we haven’t seen before, a dark portrayal of the team we all love. However it can’t beat number one.


1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens- The undeniable number one will strike many audiences with nostalgia and sci fy epicness. The cast is well-rounded and the trailer sent the internet and my brain ablaze so why not. This film will be seen by anyone and everyone, including me about 6 times. This franchise is one of the transformative moments I had in my childhood that got me interested in the idea of film, can it replicate the original trilogy’s magic? I god damn hope so.



HM: Straight Outta Compton, The Hateful Eight, The Lobster, Trainwreck

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