Hunger Games: Catching Fire Review

rated catchAfter waiting over a year and a half for the sequel you get a movie way better then the original. The director was switched and the movie was funded very heavily rather then the first film. ¬†Originally I saw it as a mistake to replace the director Gary Ross, because most franchises stick with the directors,but one thing I don’t miss is his signature shaky cam.

As you wouldn’t normally expect in a sequel is a better film and story, but Hunger Games does that. It feels like a political drama, wrapped into an action romance esque plot which is great. I’ve read almost the entire book series and it is entertaining to a point, but I’m most excited to see events upscale and escalate and finally see a rebellion. In film it is hard to portray rebellion because it may suggest ideas about our own society, but this movie does it correctly and carefully to care about characters that have actions, but no lines. The movie also successfully twists the audience’s perspective, like the book, into thinking one way and then going in another direction. This is all key to great filmmaking. This is only a short review because I don’t want to spoil a lot for people who haven’t seen it, but it is darker then the predecessor so come prepared. It is overall on the top of my list of 2013 in films and a definite must see. Also it will probably become the next Billion Dollar Club movie!!!A


  • The political atmosphere with Snow and Plutarch
  • The Hunger Games!
  • No shaky cam
  • Creative
  • Addition of Drama
  • Lots of more kissing and I don’t know why, but okay.

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