The Wedding Ringer Review (No Spoilers!)

wedding_ringerRedbox movie? Yes. Theater movie? Hell no.


I’d always be the first to defend Kevin Hart as a comedic, however with this film I walked out of the theater unsure of what I had seen.Of course Kevin Hart shines with another outgoing character, but what concerned me most was the comedy. I barely laughed at all and when I did it was more stupid laughing then anything as hilarious as 22 Jump Street. The comedy was sub par with the exceptions of a few good jokes between Gad and Hart who have great chemistry.



Other then this, the screenplay lacks originality and throughout the second half fails to live up to it’s potential not having comedy that would have best suited the movie. It kinda takes you out of it. Although a January movie, it is well made and not bad considering the train wreck it could have been. The technical aspects of the film are very good, but comedy’s usually don’t have issues with that.

Kevin Hart;Josh Gad


The film also dips into predictability and your just waiting for it to end. The emotional punch doesn’t kick as much as it should and anybody could see it coming. Kaley Couco is not even near close to earning her shot in Hollywood with this film, it hurts every scene she is in. Like I said earlier Gad and Hart shine, but the supporting cast is a mix mash group of people that isn’t all that funny with the exception of Jorge Garcia and Affion Crockett whose characters are amusing but not laugh out loud funny. Other then that The Wedding Ringer is a mediocre attempt and waste of an amazing concept. I don’t think it should be watched more then once by anyone. Wait for it at RedBox and only watch it if you need something to pass the time.


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