Ranking the 2015 Best Picture Nominees (Worst to Best)


The race for best picture is now being decided by Academy members right now so it seems like a good time to rank and predict before this year’s show.

8. American Sniper- Not really deserving of the nomination, Sniper is a tense movie I’ll give it that, but the film is not a great one. It has Cooper and Eastwood who do what they can with a really stunted military story to no avail. Bradley Cooper, word of advice, pick better movies. Please.american_sniper_still

7. Selma- Yes, a great civil rights film, but I was not as taken with Selma as many other critics, it’s acting is deserving of more nominations, but other then that this was a little bit disappointing. Slow paced in one of the not good ways and not as well written as I thought it was going to be Selma has chops, but not nearly enough.download (7)

6. The Theory of Everything- A good one time viewing. I have no real reason to rewatch this movie. Yes it is acted well, and the first half is excellent, but the second half lost all of what I thought was great, except for Redmayne’s excellent acting as the infamous Hawking which works the entire way through.x900

5. The Grand Budapest Hotel- Funny, witty and clever, Budapest has reason to celebrate a nomination. Wes Anderson fans rejoice, he’s finally getting recognition in a good way. Although, it’s not his best work (maybe his second or third), it’s great to see a film so quirky and enjoyable nominated for the coveted award. 10729

4. The Imitation Game- the only biopic to really impress me on this list was the story of Alan Turing. The acting is strong throughout as well as the script and directing, it is a solid WW 2 movie that gets better as it goes along. The only problem with the movie is that it’s ending was a bit slow, but that’s not saying much.THE IMITATION GAME

3. Boyhood- An achievement for good measure, anyone born in the 1980’s-2000’s will enjoy the film for it’s nostalgia and portrayal of modern culture. It’s conversations are very real to a point where the film seems like improv. That’s how good the film is. It is mind blowing to watch someone grow and have the audience relate to his decisions onscreen. We all said at least once during this movie, “Oh yeah I did that.”image2resize

2. Birdman- Original, weird and satirical of modern film and theater, Birdman is special. It’s acting and script are flawless, as it’s unusually long 2 hour shot. Yes the film is cut together to make it look like it was made in one take, and for the most part it was. And this is creatively mind blowing.and-the-oscar-goes-to-could-birdman-be-the-first-superhero-movie-nominated-for-best-picture

1. Whiplash- As if you haven’t heard me talk about it enough, there is nothing wrong with Whiplash. My favorite film of the year and possibly the best edited, even with Boyhood in the running, Whiplash has no flaws and is a rough around the edges drama that will please audiences of all ages. cq5dam.web.1280.1280

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