Kingsman: The Secret Service Review (No Spoilers!)

kingsmanI was wondering whether someone was ready to restart the spy genre. Whether it be a Bond film or something different I wasn’t sure. But today it was the Kingsman.

February is a month that over the past three year has delivered a surprise. In 2013 there was Warm Bodies, 2014, The LEGO Movie and finally in 2015, Kingsman: The Secret Service. The film set to be released last November was moved back 4 months to avoid box office failure. Compared to the November box office last year, it would have been a disappointing debut. However, due to the move, the marketing had more time to breathe as well as screening time, gaining a popular Valentine’s/President’s day slot in most people’s schedules. Instead of going to the piece of shit that Fifty Shades of Grey is, I decided to see Kingsman. And that my friends was the right decision.


This film was an ultimate surprise that was covered and shaded by the usual predictable, unfunny releases of February. It was a totally different take on the same old spy story told by the Bond and Bourne movies. The idea much like 22 Jump Street criticizes the way film can be made repetitive or tired out which is fun enough to sustain an audience for 2 hours. Not only does it poke fun at the best action/comedy franchises and films, but it also mocks modern political figures and how all of them can sell out for money. In this way, it’s biting satirical approach to the modern film. Kingsman is honest and confident with the decisions it makes, which is evident in Matthew Vaughn’s excellent adult directing style.


Not only is the directing spot on, but the acting, oh the acting, is so sweet. The film boasts new talent in Taron Egerton as well as a return to form for Colin Firth and Mark Strong, who over the past few years have taken a dip in acting jobs over the past few years. They have not been better. I found that the actors delivered the lines with perfect timing and that made it the most fun I’ve had in a movie since last year’s Guardians of the Galaxy. It mixes these elements perfectly.


The action. It is gory and typical Matthew Vaughn ultraviolence. That style is perfect in blending the feel of modern action and the old Bond style stunts. And it is beautiful. Using the camera and actors in great, expansive sets and using them as a tool instead of a focus is excellent. I expect Kick-Ass fans (such as me) would love this film. A character has sword legs, what much more can I say?

The film is beautifully acted and shot with a great mix of action, comedy and drama which reinvents and makes fun of the same old stuff we see in modern film. Kingsman gets the highest honor of 10/10

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