Independence Day: Resurgence Trailer Review

Ummmm…. must  go faster? 

The 1996 hit Independence Day directed by disaster artist and (I guess) director Roland Emmerich was a pretty tied up close ended story right? Well apparently not. 20 years (conveniently) after the first film’s events and release, the liens are back and as this trailer shows us bigger and more destructive than ever. I am a huge fan of the very stupid, but yet very entertaining original, I can pop it in a  bout any time just to have a laugh or a few goosebumps every once and awhile. The thing this movie delivered on was its characters. And nothing seems to have changed one bit with all the major actors sans Will Smith (which is fine in the grand scheme of things, considering Will Smith in this point of his career), all return brimming with a dark and great chemistry.

I’ll have to admit, I was quite curious on how a sequel would work, with the more improved special effects and the fact that any film following in the path of its predecessor would be a more action packed rehash. And it seems to be a bigger, yet not better version of its cheesy alternative. The severity of the situation mirrors that of Emmerich’s previous work 2012, with destruction getting higher and higher on his priority list. However even with this nostalgia and surely darker tone, the trailer still feels like there is enough new here to be more than a rehash. There are a few new, interesting plot points involving the aliens and a whole moon sequence that will most likely not be as new or iconic of a phenomenon as the original had become. There is still hope after this trailer that it will be more than a rehash and will accomplish what it sets out to do, entertain.

INDEPENDENCE DAY: RESURGENCE is release June 24, 2016

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