Ranking the 7 Star Wars

7773769005_star-warsThe epic space opera has changed the way movies are made and influenced a large amount of Film/TV personalities, like myself and now that the 7 (well 8) are out, Let’s rank them just for fun.


8. Ugh… it doesn’t have production film, it isn’t fun, it’s more painful then the prequels were and that’s saying something. The acting is fine, but its story is less then savory. The Clone Wars amount to nothing.


7. This is only painful because of how much of a disappointment it is. The Phantom Menace is aging and aging worse and worse every year. The visuals are dated and the only thing notable about the movie is the incredible lightsaber duel at the movie.


6. This movie is half good. The last 45 minutes is beautiful action, that still holds up, but it is more hollow of a story than Phantom Menace had, with the exception of the continuing overarching story of Anakin Skywalker. The lightsaber battles especially have no meaning.


5. While this has always been the best of the prequels, this film still lacks the story and character depth of the originals.  It is not a bad film, but yet again it is a disappointment in a franchise of high expectations. The action has a little bit of meaning and sets up the original trilogy with ease.


4. While not without it’s flaws, Return is a great finale, the galaxy is at peace for a short while, Vader is redeemed and Luke is a jedi. But the beginning and middle off this movie severely lack compared to the last third of the film, which echoes the best of A New Hope.


3. Many think this is the best, and while it is the best made. This movie is not the most entertaining. The story has depth, there are huge twists and the characters we love return to the silver screen in grand fashion. Many things can be said about the Empire Strikes Back, but there are less stakes in the movie, which make it feel somewhat unimportant in the grand scheme of things. It is not perfect.


2. The first Star Wars I ever saw had a profound effect on me and introduced me to the world of science fiction and westerns like never before. It was fun, quotable and heart pounding;unlike anything else before it.


1. The best is of course its most recent. It is fun, emotional, deep in character and full of quotable moments. New characters and same old story points only enhance the movie into what I say is a masterpiece for the ages.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is currently in theaters.

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