Star Wars: The Force Awakens Soundtrack Review



Let  it flow… Let  the music and the force flow through you…Just let it in.

Here is the tracklist (The review will follow):

1. “Main Title and the Attack on the Jakku Village” 6:25
2. “The Scavenger” 3:39
3. “I Can Fly Anything” 3:10
4. “Rey Meets BB-8” 1:31
5. “Follow Me” 2:54
6. “Rey’s Theme” 3:11
7. “The Falcon” 3:32
8. “That Girl with the Staff” 1:58
9. “The Rathtars!” 4:05
10. “Finn’s Confession” 2:08
11. “Maz’s Counsel” 3:07
12. “The Starkiller” 1:50
13. “Kylo Ren Arrives at the Battle” 2:00
14. “The Abduction” 2:23
15. “Han and Leia” 4:41
16. “March of the Resistance” 2:34
17. “Snoke” 2:03
18. “On the Inside” 2:06
19. “Torn Apart” 4:19
20. “The Ways of the Force” 3:14
21. “Scherzo for X-Wings” 2:32
22. “Farewell and the Trip” 4:55
23. “The Jedi Steps and Finale” 8:51

Music has always been a key part to the Star Wars films, both having underlying themes that are subtle yet powerful and the bombastic sounds that are involved in epic action scenes. As I have listened to the album, one thing has become clear, it is another iconic score from composer John Williams. Tracks such as Rey’s Theme, The Starkiller, Torn Apart and The Abduction all have subtle hints of loss and romance in them, as to a nod to a star crossed audience viewing the film and it’s other installments. However, when I go to work  find myself treading in the back half more than the front half of the album. Han and Leia, an epic and grand romantic theme, mixes both the military hearted Leia with the fragile heart of Han Solo. The March of the Resistance gives X and Y-wings a new stomping tune, that propels the action into more greatness. Snoke, although subtle, matches Palpatine’s theme from Revenge of the Sith when the former is talking of his master Darth Plagueis, the wise. The Ways of the Force sends goosebumps into my body, it paints a picture of the battle being fought on screen and its gritty and magical nature. However, it is the final three tracks that strike the most chord, mixing both old and new, and making Star  Wars feel visual even though it is only audio. Scherzo for X-Wings brings out the original trilogy’s trench run track, Farewell and the Trip have a certain bit of remorse, yet joy, wonderment and curiosity of what is to come. But the one that takes the cake, The Jedi Steps. While the typical fanfare at the end and beginning, with musical interludes from previous entries make me crawl back into infancy, this excellent track uses Binary Sunset (The Force Theme), and Rey’s them to great effect blending the two together. It builds towards its epic finale and cliff hanger which is just waiting to be answered, just as the next soundtrack is ready to  be picked up. Underneath all of this, the first half of the soundtrack  suffers to present anything new and exciting, with the exception of Rey’s Theme  and the Attack on the Jakku Village, which both are excellent. At best the rest are lackluster and generic action. While only one new theme occurs to be an instant favorite, we may have yet to see a few evolutions of Finn, Poe and Kylo Ren’s unnamed themes in the future.

It is overall excellent providing at least 11 tracks worth listening to all the time on long summer nights, but it is not without it’s flaws. 4/5

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