The Conjuring 2 Teaser Trailer Review

Even two years after the original, is it possible that after Annabelle that a new Conjuring film could be successful? Chances are… YES!

The best horror films aren’t ones that make you jump, the best ones are the ones that make you sweat in the suspense of waiting for that next scare, that may never come. The Conjuring, Sinister, and a few ¬†other films have exhibited this trait, and especially this trailer. It looks like the film is starting to take shape and in away that it matches the tone of modern suspense horror with the older 1970’s horror that started the new genre¬†movie craze. This mixture of fear and build up looks promising, but it can still go the Annabelle route. Which is something that doesn’t make sense or doesn’t really scare you. There is but one flaw, jump scares. The Conjuring had few, but the thought in my mind is that they could be taking a safer approach with lots of jump scares. Only one was spottable in the eerily toned trailer, but is unexpected, so chances are it won’t be what the studio wants, but the director wants.

The Conjuring 2: The Enfield Poltergeist is released on June 10, 2016

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