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Most Anticipated Movies of 2015


2015 has been one of the largest year’s ever anticipated in film. Great movies or unasked for nostalgia? Who cares? Here
are my top 30 most anticipated films of 2015. Continue reading Most Anticipated Movies of 2015

Big Hero 6 Trailer Review

I posted an article about Big Hero 6 yesterday to introduce characters and images from the new film and coincidentally a trailer was released this morning. This film is not Eastern in ideas after all. It seems odd to create a balloon robot, but he steals the show much like Josh Gad in Frozen. This trailer’s animation is beautiful and feels like a real environment. Such animation is probably done by what looks like Pixar animators. The characters are immediately likable from the lines that they do have, but this introduces the plot quickly without giving the audience too much. Surprisingly, the screenwriters also make this movie funny. I have not found many Disney films funny with the exception of Tangled which has multiple music numbers that are unorthodox mocking their previous¬†films. They try to hard with Frozen to directly mock their own movies, and Wreck it Ralph is not funny, but very very interesting. However, Big Hero 6, like I said yesterday, is not your average Disney film. I will expect this to be a big hit considering it’s released right before a holiday and has massive appeal for fans of the original anime, the film’s excellent trailer and for all those Disney fans out there. TRAILER: A Comment below on what you think of the trailer.

Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman

Many people have speculated it and it is finally coming true. Wonder Woman will be in Batman Vs. Superman. I am not much of a DC guy,but the process of introducing a new superhero is very exciting and why not get in to the hype. Although the choice is not ideal I appreciate they tried to go with an unknown actress despite her multiple appearances in three Fast and the Furious’ movies. Continue reading Gal Gadot is Wonder Woman

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer+Review

The Amazing Spider-Man was a welcome surprise for many as he swung onto the screens for a reboot starring the comedic Andrew Garfield. Although not as good as the original Toby McGuire/Sam Rami pictures, it still provided an entertaining two hours that has prompted three sequels already. Sony has spared no expense, with three villains confirmed for the sequel with more expected to make an appearance. Continue reading The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer+Review